Mirage Remixed

by Radioactive Sandwich



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After 10 years of original music, we have moved in a new direction for our latest release, bringing fans a new flavor of the Sandwich. With a growing network of fellow producers, we have called on some of our closest friends and rising electronic musicians to offer "Mirage Remixed". Released in 2012, "Mirage" was a culmination of our many years of fusing electronic, world, and psychedelic music. Over the past three years, the album has continued to grow to become our most successful release to date, creating a dedicated following through word-of-mouth and energetic live appearances. The result is an eclectic collection of remixes from an amazing group of artists that captures the essence of the original, while creating a unique and satisfying album of its own.


released December 16, 2014

Original songs written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Radioactive Sandwich.

Remix Credits:
A Broken Reality - Space Jesus
An Echo is the Shadow of a Sound - Audioglider
Sullen Choirboy - Esseks
Sigogglin - Kurbeats
Time Dilation - Supersillyus
Bhagwan - Skytree with Jake Spike
Into the Desert / Leaving the Desert - Radioactive Sandwich

Remixes mastered by Brendan Connors at Metronome Multimedia

Artwork by Radioactive Sandwich




Radioactive Sandwich New York, New York

Radioactive Sandwich is a modern day electronic group whose sonic mastery leads to captivating auditory experiences. Through years of honing & crafting their skills in the studio, they have become a force of sonic nature within the psychedelic electronic scene. Their energy, both in the studio & on the stage, creates a one-of-a-kind experience that tickles the senses. ... more


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